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About Riverside Dental - Your Local Dentist in Nantwich

We welcome all generations to a happy and caring environment, where patients matter, with the emphasis on high quality consistent dental care. Our vision is to give every generation the confidence to smile.

Riverside Dental was established in 1979 giving us over 40 years of dental experience. During this time the practice has become the market leader in Nantwich and is both modern and innovative.

Riverside Dental is pro-active in dental care and aims to have the reputation of being the best in the area. To support this, the Practice has an established culture to provide high quality dental care in a safe and friendly environment.

The focus at Riverside Dental is on prevention, for both adults and children and we aim to achieve this by combining experience and skill with the benefits of up to date technology. All our dentists attend regular seminars and lectures to keep abreast of the latest medical and technological advances so that we can offer you the best possible treatment and care.

Riverside Dental has an excellent reputation with most new patients being referred by either friends or family. We want to involve all patients in their personal care and will make note of any worries and concerns. Discussing all options available to you and giving you as much as information as possible will enable you to make the choices that suit you. A first class service is of utmost importance to us and is a major part of our philosophy. We will respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently and will be as flexible as possible regarding appointments.

Why Choose Us?

  • Excellent reputation
  • Personalised patient care
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Offering dental implant treatment
  • Latest cosmetic dentistry techniques
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Patient Notice - WE ARE OPEN

We have recently been given clear guidance about how and when dentistry can safely return to normal service.

The extent and type of treatment available will reflect the current government COVID-19 alert levels ( 1 - 5 ).

We are currently at Level 3. At the moment, we can provide the following:

  • In surgery assessment and advice with x-rays
  • Pain management including simple tooth extractions
  • Provision of temporary fillings
  • Temporary re-fixing lost crowns and bridges if possible
  • Limited implant/orthodontic based treatments
  • Most aspects of denture based work

We will keep you updated as the alert levels change. Please read our Covid-19 Patient Journey leaflet for details on how to book and appointment and what to expect on the day of your appointment.

One of the main issues restricting a return to routine care is the production of potentially harmful aerosols by our drills and ultrasonic scalers.

Currently if we use this equipment, the surgery has to remain evacuated for 1 hour. This has obvious limitations with regard to our capacity and directly influences the scope of available treatment.

As the general alert levels fall, the guidance states that surgery restrictions will be eased and our full service can be restored.

Riverside has invested in specialised air purification units to help maintain a safe working environment for all. Read more about this system on the Radic8 website (Offsite link opens in a new window)

At the current alert level, we need to send patients requiring an appointment documentation relating to COVID-19, general medical history and consent to attend the surgery.

You will also receive information regarding the logistics of the appointment. (Please download below)

Once you have sent the completed documents back to us, your dentist can perform a health based risk assessment prior to attendance. Although we have limitations at the moment, rest assured that the Riverside team will do their upmost to address your problems. We look forward to seeing you soon !

Patient Download Documents (PDF/Word documents open in a new window)

Please download the following documents BEFORE your apointment. Please email completed forms to reception@nantwich-dentist.co.uk, for printed forms filled in by hand please photograph and email photographs of each page to reception@nantwich-dentist.co.uk.

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