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With our emphasis on regular check ups for all children, we can easily identify those cases which may require referral for orthodontic assessment and possibly bracework.

Early diagnosis can be useful in preparing our young patients for what they might expect from the orthodontic process. We can also work together to achieve the high standard of oral hygiene expected whilst wearing braces. We mainly refer to the Hightown Orthodontic Practice in Crewe.


There is no age limit with regard to having straight teeth! Do ask how to correct a relapse of orthodontic treatment you may have had at an earlier age. We can explain the various treatment options available that you were not offered when you were younger.

At Riverside we tend to focus on straightening upper and lower front teeth with both fixed and removable appliances. Most suitable cases can be treated with these types of treatment within 4-6 months. The devices can be fixed, or worn overnight and as much as possible during the day for quicker results. The removable appliances can be removed for work, eating or social events.

More complex cases can be referred to a number of practices depending on your convenience.

We also offer Invisalign clear, removable aligners.

For further information visit: The Invisalign Website (Offsite link opens in a new window)

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