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dental bridge

Dental bridges and crowns fitted in Nantwich

Trust Riverside Dental Practice to look after your teeth

Missing and broken teeth can not only cause embarrassment and affect your confidence, they can also affect how you bite, and put you at risk of further damage, including infections. At Riverside Dental, we offer a full range of treatments to help you enjoy a full smile once again. Having treated patients across Nantwich since 1979, your smile is in safe hands.

We start with a consultation to assess the condition of your teeth, allowing us to recommend the right course of treatment.

Crowns fitted by experienced dental technicians

Dental crowns are the ideal choice for patients with worn or broken teeth, and when fillings are not a viable option. Crowns can be made to look almost indistinguishable from natural teeth, and can help to prevent further damage to the roots.

They are also fitted following root canal treatment, again to prevent further damage to the mouth. Crowns are made to high standard, and fitted with a strong cement, giving you confidence with every bite.

dentist patient with toothache

We can also fit bridges

Bridges are used to fill gaps or spaces where teeth have been lost. Bridges again can be metal-free for superior aesthetics and a natural looking smile. 

The adjacent teeth are prepared and impressions are taken before fitting at the next visit.

An initial assessment of the health of the teeth and analysis of the way the teeth meet prior to constructing a bridge will be necessary.

Our team can also help with:

For dental bridges, crowns and more, call our team in Nantwich today on
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