Headache Management

An unbalanced bite can be a significant cause of chronic headaches and migraine. We can offer a drug free non-invasive solution. Occlusion is how our teeth meet and interact with each other.

An unbalanced occlusion can lead to:

  • Jaw joint pain and clicks
  • Recurring migraine at the front and sides of the head
  • Broken or worn teeth
  • Persistent gum problems
  • Poor sleep patterns

A simple "bite guard" is used to reduce muscle activity, quickly diagnosing the problem. We can provide you with a custom made appliance which fits over the teeth. It balances the bite, protecting teeth and jaw joints and prevents grinding and clenching, especially at night.

Occlusal Screening Questionnaire

  1. Are you aware of clenching or grinding during the day?
  2. Are you aware, or have been made aware of, clenching or grinding your teeth during sleep?
  3. Do you have chronic headaches, neck or shoulder pain?
  4. Do you still feel tired when you wake up in the morning?
  5. Do you have pain in your jaw joints or the side of your face?
  6. Has your jaw ever clicked or popped when you open your mouth wide?
  7. Have you ever experienced difficulty moving your jaw or opening your mouth wide?
  8. Do you tend to chew on just one side of your mouth?

From the moment even the temporary splint was in place, the benefits were palpable. That day my arms and hands relaxed during swimming, my jaw unclenched and the pains I had suffered in my knees went away. I could place my hands pain free on the floor for the first time during exercise. Upper back cramp, neck and back of head tightness improved.

My body in general became more supple and relaxed. I have found that so many symptoms I could never have believed caused by jaw mis-alignment; reduced significantly or disappeared, hideous pain in my ears assumed due to reading glasses, acute pain behind my eyes again wrongly attributed to swimming goggles, sinus problem through the entire year, clearly not hay fever. The evidence is clear. Many thanks.

Mrs. F.D.

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