Missing teeth?

Implants could be the answer

Dental Implants in Nantwich

About Implants

Implants are one way of replacing missing teeth. A post is implanted in the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth. This acts like the root of a natural tooth. Implants can also be used to support fixed bridges or dentures.

The reliability of modern dental implants has improved so much over recent years that they are often the most permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Implants prevent the bone from shrinking and leave your other teeth unaffected. There is no need to prepare adjacent teeth with drills and attach bridges.

It has become possible to replace full and partial dentures simply and predictably with solid and life like teeth, supported by implants. This is the fixed, permanent solution leaving you with no gaps, no dentures, no drilling. Teeth that look and feel like your own once did or even better.

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Implant Fees

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