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Dental Implants in Nantwich

Amit Mistry BDS MFDS RCS (Eng) (Practice limited to dental implantology)

Dr Amit Mistry has undergone extensive post-graduate training and education in the field of dental implantology, from the very basic levels to advanced surgical and restorative cases. He is one of just a handful of dentists in the UK qualified to carry out zygomatic surgery, offering life changing options to his patients. He has extensive experience in surgical grafting of bone, plastic surgery of the gums and the provision of teeth on the same day. Attaining the very best possible aesthetic and confidence boosting results for his patients is paramount.

Qualifying from the University of Manchester in 2001, and was awarded his Royal College of Surgeons Membership in 2003.  Amit further enhanced his surgical training during his time as a junior surgeon and later Senior Grade Surgeon, at Blackburn Royal Infirmary, which  is renowned for the quality of its academic and teaching staff in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. Amit has treated extremely compromised cases such as trauma reconstructions which routinely requiring advanced surgical procedures such as complexed bone grafting.

Amit finds teaching very rewarding, he is the lead clinician on the Tipton Training implant course which is one of the best known and largest implant  postgraduate courses in the UK. His lectures and hands on training help delegates to master the basics of dental implantology, progressing through to advanced surgical and prosthetic techniques, including sinus lifting, block grafting and full mouth implant cases.  

As well as teaching, Amit is actively engaged in learning new methods, enhancing established techniques and embracing new technology which will improve the quality of the surgical procedures he does and he regularly passes this knowledge on to the dentists he teaches.
Amit is also a recognised and experienced mentor for Nobel Biocare and is also involved with the Association of Dental Implantology UK (ADI) locally providing support to dentists who are involved with dental implants.

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Dr Amit Mistry

About Implants

Implants are one way of replacing missing teeth. A post is implanted in the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth. This acts like the root of a natural tooth. Implants can also be used to support fixed bridges or dentures.

The reliability of modern dental implants has improved so much over recent years that they are often the most permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Implants prevent the bone from shrinking and leave your other teeth unaffected. There is no need to prepare adjacent teeth with drills and attach bridges.

It has become possible to replace full and partial dentures simply and predictably with solid and life like teeth, supported by implants. This is the fixed, permanent solution leaving you with no gaps, no dentures, no drilling. Teeth that look and feel like your own once did or even better.

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