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Riverside Dental has an excellent reputation with most new patients being referred by either friends or family. Here's what some of our patients have to say about us.

Best dentist I've had by far ! Friendly efficient and a lovely environment.


I had a phobia about visiting the dentist due to a bad experience when I was younger. The staff here are amazing. I feel completely at ease. I had a tooth out this week which I was quite anxious about but Andrew was great and talked me through everything and I never felt a thing! I’m so happy with the service this practice provides. Thank you to everyone.


I have been going here for over 20 years and I have never had any bad experiences. Now my two young boys aged 6 and 2 love their trips there and even ask to go everytime we pass. 5+


My children had a check up with Mark Eddleston yesterday...found a problem with my Daughter’s tooth, fixed it there and then, hopefully saving the tooth...due to the calm attitude of both Mark and his nurse there was no drama whatsoever. Brilliant service. 


Amazing care from amazing staff. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you Riverside.


Excellent service and brilliant staff. Thanks for being such a great dentist, I used to be terrified but since moving to riverside they have helped me overcome my fears


Not been to the dentist all my adult life, scared of dentists, no reason other than I was scared of dentists. I saw Mark Eddleston and AJ Cameron and they settled my nerves (fear) and I had work done and it was a great experience. Need more work doing but have no problem with going back. Thanks guys for making it easy. Definitely a five star experience


After my little girl managed to snap her two front teeth out the team at Riverside have performed miracles with them. Taking time to make sure she was happy with what was happening during the whole process. She was at total ease for the whole procedure . I can't praise the whole team enough. Looking at them now you would never know anything had happened. Many many thanks xx


I have been Andrew’s patient for too many years!! (Previously also at Wells Green with him and his predecessor Jonathan Hollingsworth). I was an almost phobic patient but have gradually become less so under their expert and understanding care. Thank you to Andrew, the nurses, hygienists and front desk staff for their professionalism and expertise in coping with a nervous wreck, albeit an improving one. Wholeheartedly recommended.


Thank you Riverside Dental for the excellent service you are providing. Gone are the days of being frightened of going to the dentist. Its a pleasure to visit the practise knowing that you are going to be treated in a caring and professional manner through all the disciplines - Reception, Dental Hygiene and ultimately your Dentist. Also like the Refurbished reception area. Once again thank you.


Big shout out to Nicky for being so thoughtful and caring and reassuring , not a big fan of the dentist like most people but she makes it the best experience it possibly can be so thank you and I am home safe


I have been with the surgery for quite some time now and would just like to say thank you for their fantastic service. I am a very nervous customer but cannot praise Steve Marshall and Jeanette enough, they are so understanding and patient. I always highly recommend the practice as think they are superb. Thanks again


Walked in off the street at 08:00 in the morning with a minor dental problem. Warmly received at reception, professionally dealt with.
Appointment later that day - tidy solution at hands of relaxed and friendly dentist. So yes I would recommend Riverside Dental as an organised, friendly, competent and professional practice. Thanks guys!!


It is now exactly two days since my implant crown were fitted and I haven’t stopped smiling since; especially as I am now going out for my first curry tonight since last March!

Thank you so much for making the whole process so bearable; having your two front teeth undoing such treatment is quite a thing especially as it effects how you eat, look, smile, etc. Although I have looked like Mo off the Simpsons and Lesley Ash on a bad day, this only lasted long enough for my so called best friends to have a good laugh! Your team have been fantastic and I have already recommended you to on of my colleagues whose wife needs implants and will continue to recommend you to many others. Thanks too to Gill and the receptionists and your lovely nurse who must have gazed down on me on a number of occasions and thought what a sight!!!!

I hope you will understand when I say that I do not hope to see you for some time now!

Thank you again and Kindest Smiliest Regards’


Just want to say thanks to all of you for you continued support through a pretty dentally traumatic year . You have all been amazing and kept my spirits up, especially Andrew.
Thanks so much. It will seem strange only seeing you twice a year from now on!
Love DB xx

Many thanks to Andrew Rees for the recent dental treatment, being an extremely nervous patient Andrew made me feel at ease instantly, he was also very considerate during the treatment,explaining what was to be done, even the injection was relatively painless, Many thanks to everyone at Riverside for the hospitality.
PS: Andrew, the adjustments you made to the implant have improved the fit, it is now quite comfortable. Thanks again.
Best regards
G C (facebook)

I have been with the practice for some time now having followed Mark from his previous practice. I find all the staff very sympathetic to my needs and most understanding. Mark, Sarah and Jane in particular are wonderful. The girls on the front reception are always very pleasant and accommodating. A first class practice that I would recommend!
S.J. (Nantwich)

I have been a patient at Riverside Dental Practice for many years. My dentist takes putting patients at their ease a step further and I can honestly say that I enjoy my visits to "the Dentist" (here speaks someone who used to fear and dread such visits!). She is such a lovely lady and we have lots of laughs! More importantly, she is an excellent dentist. I used to worry if anything "fell apart " in my mouth but not anymore - I lay the problem at my dentists feet and she never fails to perform "one of her little miracles". She never lets me down! I am more than satisfied with the treatment I receive at Riverside Dental Practice where all the staff, without exception, are extremely caring and helpful.


I first attended Andrew Rees on an emergency basis en route to my daughter's wedding(!) as a crown had come out. This was speedily and effectively corrected although I was advised that the crown's days were probably numbered. Impressed with the service I had received, I changed dentists to Andrew. Follow up appointments with Andrew for routine appointments were made and I always felt I was being looked after in a highly professional way. I followed Andrew when he joined Riverside Practice and found the practice staff to be most attentive, pleasant and courteous. Last year, the original offending crown duly caused me problems, as predicted, and the result was that my options were either a plate with one tooth on it or a referral with a view to a dental implant, which Andrew suggested was the best route to go down. I duly went for an assessment and had the procedure carried out by a most competent specialist, with the follow-up procedures being carried out by Andrew. I was kept fully informed by Andrew at all stages of the procedure that followed and I am more than happy with the end result. As already intimated, I am most fortunate to have found a real professional who cares for his patients.

A.B.M. (Nantwich)

I have been a patient at Riverside Dental Practice since about 1995. I know that in some practices you can be given different dentists and I much prefer the system whereby you have your own nominated dentist with whom you can build up a relationship of trust and confidence. In common with many people, dental visits are not something I look forward to at all but I can honestly say that at Riverside Dental the experience is actually not too bad!! Importantly, my dentist has a very kind manner and an even disposition. In all the years I have attended the surgery, my dentist has been unfailingly pleasant, concerned and totally professional. He always explains what he is going to do and then keeps informing you throughout the treatment where he is up to, how much longer it will take etc. " Over the past year I have had much more intensive dental treatments. Following several discussions with my dentist about my options, given that I had a failing upper bridge and receding gums around the remaining upper teeth, I decided to opt for a full set of dental implants on my upper jaw as well as a single implant on the lower jaw and “Zoom” Whitening for my own lower jaw teeth, so that I could choose a whiter shade of implant and achieve a long wished for major improvement to the overall appearance of my teeth. Whilst all of this has necessitated a comprehensive treatment plan and lots of appointments, I have to say I am delighted with the results. My dentist is about to complete the restoration of the lower implant and then the process is complete. In summary, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending prospective patients to Riversided Dental
A.C. (Wrenbury Heath, Nantwich)

Having been a patient at Riverside for the past 20 years, I can honestly say that there isn't a dental practice like Riverside Dental. Nothing is too much trouble. Their care and expertise is second to none and has got me out of many a scrape with my gum and denture problems. Some years ago I was referred for implants and this has transformed the stability of my oral health with the practices ongoing personal care and attention.
K.L. (Nantwich)

Thanks to Vinit Khanna and Cfast, I have beautiful straight teeth. I now have the confidence to SMILE!
CJ Nantwich

I have been a patient at Riverside Dental Practice for the last twenty-one years, and for the last thirteen years have been travelling to Nantwich from London every three months to see either the dentist or a hygienist, or both.When I first became a patient it would be fair to say that my dental health was poor, largely as a result of my lifelong fear of dentists. My treatment, however, was so sympathetic, and positive, that not only did we save my teeth, but my gum health is now excellent, and my teeth are good. All the staff at Riverside – receptionists, practice manager, dental nurses, hygienists – are not only extremely professional, but are also unfailingly polite, cheerful and friendly. The surgery premises are pleasant and clean, and I know from my observations and experience that the equipment is constantly updated. I wholeheartedly recommend the Riverside Dental Practice.
A.W. (London)

Just a few lines to express my appreciation and to say thank you to Vinit Khanna (and his team) for the care and attention to detail taken during the treatment to have my two front teeth capped, the new caps fit perfectly and the colour match is amazing. Before having this treatment I used to worry that people would notice my front teeth were caps - now I tell people and no-one believes me as they look so natural! Vinit has also carried out various other dental treatments for me and I am always impressed by his patience, detailed explanations and pain free treatment and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.
S.N. (Wrenbury, Nantwich)

Riverside Dental Practice really is the nuts. Really, really impressed with you guys; You've offered appointments very promptly when it's been urgent. The dental care / service could not be better. All the staff I've met are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. You've always taken time to answer any questions I've had until I fully understand the answer, which I greatly appreciate. Great value for money in my opinion.
M.B. (Nantwich)

Since moving to Nantwich seven years ago the Riverside Dental Practice has always looked after myself and my families dental care. We have always found the service and care provided to be first class and professional. I am sixty and a smoker, my wife is younger (hows that for diplomacy) and we have two daughters aged six and seven. Regardless of the circumstances of each patient, in our experience the service and treatments received have always been expertly and sensitively offered. From first contact with reception staff right through to the nurses and dental surgeons we are always treated politely and with care. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Riverside Dental Practice to anyone that wants the comfort of having a quality, holistic dental care service that will be there to help and solve their requirements what ever they may be and whenever they may occur.
R.G. (Coole Pilate, Nantwich)

In the eleven years we have been patients at Riverside Dental Practice, we have been fortunate enough to have benefited from very high standards of preventative as well as remedial care. Over the years we have seen the practice develop and improve as they take advantage of the technological advances in dentistry which in turn has helped the standard of care we receive. One of the most important factors for us is the friendliness and helpfulness of everybody we have dealings with at the practice. Whatever the situation, from a routine visit to the odd emergency, we have never felt let down or disappointed with the service we receive. You don't keep going back to the same practice for eleven years if you aren't being looked after! This is a very professional, caring and friendly practice and we are very happy with the standard of care and treatment we receive.
C & N.T. (Willaston, Nantwich)

I am writing to say a big thank you to Mark and Sarah for all their hard work treating my jaw problems. I was experiencing headaches daily and was aware of grinding my teeth. I was sceptical that my severe headaches were caused by jaw and bite problems but since having the deprogramming splint made and follow up treatment, I am amazed and happy to say the headaches have gone completely. This has made a big difference to me on a daily basis and I am very grateful to everyone at Riverside for all their support.
G.F. (Nantwich)

I have been attending the Riverside Dental Practice for over 10 years. In that time I have had some extensive dental work. I am a person who unfortunately has a fear and dread of visiting the dentist. I can honestly say that I could not have wished for a better dental surgeon her compassionate and professional manner has helped me to overcome this fear and proceed with the necessary dental work. The dental appointments are never rushed and time is taken to explain all the procedures, making one feel that nothing is too much trouble and your comfort and satisfaction is paramount. I would certainly recommend the Riverside Practice to anyone, especially anyone with a fear of dentists.

T.T. (Nantwich)

I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to Andrew Rees and all at the Riverside Dental Practice. My recent implant treatment was brilliantly carried out by Andrew and John with very little discomfort. The professionalism shown by Andrew was second to none, and more than contributed to the success ...of my implants. I am over the moon with my new teeth attached to the implants. They just feel like my own teeth and have blended in brilliantly with my other teeth. I think it was my best decision of the year to switch to Andrew and the Riverside. My confidence in Dentistry was very low prior to becoming one of your patients, now it is high and getting higher.
Thank you. RL (Haslington)

Can’t thank Vinit Khanna and Gill enough, dealing with my toothache and other problems due to previous practice’s lack of care. Thanks to the ladies on reception for getting me seen so promptly, can’t recommend you enough. Thanks again!!
AH Nantwich



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